cover lp 01364

Lp X 2

A Side
1- Play Fool Fe Get Wise
2- Live Up Jah Man
3- Dread A Dread
4- Time Will Tell
5- Blood Dunza
6- King in The Arena

B Side
1- Fire And Brimstone A Go Burn The Wicked
2- African People
3- Jah Jah We Are Waiting
4- in The Roots Of The Ghetto
5- Roots Natty Congo
6- Love Up Your Brother And Sisters

C Side
1- Peace And Love in The Ghetto
2- Age is Growing
3- African Roots
4- Every Knee Shall Bow
5- Top Ranking

D Side
1- Move Out Of Babylon Rastaman
2- Commercial Locks Ft Dillinger
3- Enter into His Gates With Praise
4- None Shall Escape The Judgement
5- Joshua's Wordsd6- Jah Jah Bless Joshua